UI Design — Spotify


An Institution for music

Spotify has transformed the way we listen to each other.  Nowadays, we can simply search for an artist on Spotify and add their entire album to our library. With a single click, we can see what our friends are listening to. However, Spotify users are limited to only seeing the music that their Facebook friends are listening to. My team and I created a micro site playing with Spotify brand guidelines to create a new experience for Spotify customers by reinventing the Campus Radio. This idea gives Spotify users the experience of streaming music they've never heard, from students they've never met. 

Awarded best In Show 2016


Role: UI Designer

Duration: 1 Month



Always On Air

College students listen to music all day whether they walking to class, studying in the library, or working out at the gym. The Spotify Campus Radio pin points broadcasting to individual students for the streaming world of Spotify to hear.


Listening to Culture

Now that every campus has the opportunity to showcase their sound, Spotify users have the ability to discover new music through their college of choice. Being able to listen in on different cultures throughout the country gives users a new way to interact with music.



Local Spots

A localized advertising platform can be built into the campus radio. Local businesses can buy spots within the campus radio they surround and get their message directly in front of college students. This offers Spotify a new revenue stream.


Exploring New Interactions

To get users talking about the campus radio, we decided to implement a proven incentive, free concerts. For example, at the end of each year, the top five most listened to campus radios win a concert for their students. Throwing campus concerts helps turn a digital experience into a physical one, adding yet another facet to Spotify.


The Team

Britain Kern, Shane Brennen, Annalie Robinson