Capital One


ENTITLEMENTS application

Redesign for an internal customer service application for Capital One.

The goal of the project was to redesign an internal application for Capital One. The purpose of this program is to delegate roles to employees while keeping track of certain abilities roles have access to. I started by creating a user journey of how the program worked originally and while keeping in mind the new features to be added. My focus was on how the application should function to fit the product owners needs and make their time most efficient.

My focus of this project was User Experience, redesigning to the whole system of an application. I made sure the aesthetics of the application was clear by using color only when needed and creating a simple layout that was capable of having a lot of information within the page. I conducted multiple user tests and analyzed competing programs on the market. The start of my process began with wire-framing and creating user journeys to help tell the new story. While working on this project alone, I was able to hand off my final Hi-Fidelity redesigned prototype to a group of Capital One Software Engineer interns to develop the redesigned application.


Role: UX/UI Designer

Duration: 3 Months


Design Decisions



Collapsable Side Menu

Is where you can click into different categories to compare, view or validate different content. 


Search Bar

Works to allow the user to quick search for a specific role or operation within the application. 






Detailed Descriptions

Allows you to get a deeper explanation of what a role consists of, as well as the risk level, number of users, percentage of users using this role. 


Ideation & Prototyping 

With these solutions, I created a low fidelity prototype using Sketch. With the prototype, I conducted a set of user tests with the product owner of Entitlements and users who would interact with this program. From this, I found a number of ways to improve the prototype. After some changes, I conducted another set of user tests to make sure I covered all of the usability problems that were found in the beginning. I made around 3 different iterative processes.


Visual system

Things I considered:



In order to appeal to the product owner, I focused on creating a design that allowed efficiency. In one of my User testing sessions, they told me how the old system would take 3 days to fully delete a role/operation that didn't need to be in the application anymore. With the new interface, it takes 5 seconds. Due to the drastic improvement of allowing my client to get their work done faster, I created a recent activity page that works to allow the user to restore items, in case they change their mind about a change that has been done. 


I wanted to make sure the readers access information in a clear way. I used a sans–serif font to communicate modern and clean.


I created a system to help users have a better navigation throughout the site.


Final Prototype


After the completion of this project, I was able to improve my client's productivity by creating an application that would allow them to create, edit and compare content at a much faster rate than with the old interface.