Cuppa Code



Cuppa//Code Brings together computer science teachers and IT practitioners with the knowledge and skills to provide assistance.

CodeVA pushed legislation through in 2016, so that every student in the commonwealth will begin building computer science literacy. To make up for this gap, CodeVA is retraining thousands of teachers with various educational backgrounds in the art of teaching computer science. Yet, more so than any other academic subject, the world of computer science is rapidly changing.  My teams goal to contribute to this inspiring non-profit was to develop an app to connect, influence and inspire today’s computer science teachers, practitioners, and ultimately, students.

Role: UX/UI Designer

Duration: 3 Months






Defining the problem.

How can we create a simple, useful and easy to use interface that allows teachers and IT professionals to connect, to ask and answer questions, to potentially schedule classroom visits or field trips, etc.? And can such an application be scaled as a platform for teachers in Virginia, but also around the country? 







Computer science is a top paying college degree and computer programming jobs are growing at 2X the national average.




The cost of time is very valuable to Teachers and Practitioners. Our product had to be easily understood by teachers and IT professionals who both live busy lives.






    A Mobile Solution.




    More Than just Answers. 

    Cuppa//Code differentiates from other computer science knowledge sharing forums by keeping the match central to the app. Our focus was to deliver functionality focused on providing clarity to our users.


    Artboard 6.png


    Instead of a deserate google search, teachers can fast answers by posting to the quick questions page. 

    Artboard 6 Copy.png


    Matches are location and subject based. This allows teachers to find an expert in the field of their choice and the potential to meet up for a cuppa coffee. 

    Artboard 6 Copy 2.png


    After answering a quick question or finding a match, users can begin messaging to develop a more in-depth conversation. 





    Help when you need them most.

    A quick way teachers can seek help, is by simply posting a question. The Quick Question screen populates a stack of questions for CS pros who specialize in the subject. If they don't care to ask their own, they can browse through trending or recently posted questions and save them for later. 


    A trusted match.

    One of the core purposes of Cuppa//Code is to facilitate a match between our two users. We do that through subject based sorting. This allows for a teacher who needs a diverse range of help to receive it from experts in those specific subjects. The K-12 Computer Science Framework, the basis for Virginia Standards of Learning, provided concepts that serve as a common language between teachers and practitioners.

    To allow Teachers to better understand their potential mentor, Cuppa//Code provides them with a detailed description profile page to give the teacher the confidence they are making the right choice.




    Get a cuppa coffee.

    Cuppa//Code lets you know when an interest is mutual, that way you can start chatting right away with your new matches - and set a time to grab a cuppa coffee. 





    Branding Ideation




    The Team

    Shane Brennen, Jake Belvin, Norine King, Christine McDaniel, Joel Zeballos, Annalie Robinson